About Us

Our History

The Youth Enterprise Trust (YET) is a Queensland based charity established in 1990 by Lloyd Hancock whose mission is ‘Connecting young adults “thru” wilderness to sustainable communities’. It operated from Woodstock, a 121 hectare (300 acre) farm in the Gold Coast Hinterland.

The YET Foundation was established in 2005 from grants from the RBS Morgan’s Foundation, with the purpose of assisting YET to achieve financial sustainability.

During 2011, the Youth Enterprise Trust (YET) merged with Evolve at Typo Station, based in Victoria, to create a national organisation delivering early intervention programs for disadvantaged young people. This merger brought together 2 “sister” organisations established through the efforts and friendship of their respective founders nearly 20 years earlier. The Foundation was renamed the Evolve Foundation in recognition of the merger.

Despite the best intentions and efforts of all involved, Evolve decided to withdraw from program activities in Queensland in early 2014.


During 2015 Youth Enterprise Trust decided that it could best serve youth by partnering with another strong organisation to conduct programs on Woodstock. After considering many Expressions of Interest, YET decided to partner with Youth + Edmund Rice Education Australia. This partnership has been recognised via a three year lease to Youth + and a Heads of Agreement setting out the terms of property usage and governance.

About Youth +

Youth + operates a number of Flexible Learning Centres (registered secondary schools), several of which are located within a short drive to Woodstock. These learning communities seek to respond to the needs of young people disenfranchised and disengaged from education. They provide a place and an opportunity to re-engage in a suitable, flexible learning environment.

The purpose of a Flexible Learning Centre is to empower young people to take personal responsibility for their actions and learning, enhance well being, achieve greater autonomy and self-reliance, to engage in the transition to further education and/or employment and to negotiate positive steps to adulthood.

Youth + is guided by the vision of Blessed Edmund Rice and the empowering service of education, to achieve personal and community liberation through educational experiences that enable transformation.